Bedaya #2

Who are us?

Under Control is an Egyptian company that provides the highest quality of internationally accredited STEM training for all ages, as well as an official diploma for the qualification of lecturers. The company aims to prepare and inspire the next generation of engineers and to create a culture of innovation in Egypt.

We Make Technology
we own the Future

Eng.Abderlhman Eslam



starts from Sunday (20/8/2023) To Tuesday (22/8/2023)


5:00PM To 6:30 PM


Day 1:

  • Embedded Systems definition
  • Embedded Systems
  • design challenges
  • Inside the processor
  • Instruction Set Architecture
  • Processor Cycle Example

Day 2:

  • Volatile Memory Types
  • Non Volatile Memory Types
  • System Architecture
  • Input Output peripherals
  • Microcontroller main suppliers
  • Reading the datasheet and specifications

Day 3:

  • Embedded Systems Journey
  • Testing
  • RTOS
  • ARM
  • Linux
  • ROS


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